Titans Cricket is pleased to announce Lipton as it’s official Ice Tea supplier for 2023/2024.

Lipton is the number 1 Iced Tea brand that offers a range of better for you experience that is sugar free, low calorie 100% tea extract that has no artificial flavours or colourants.

“I was very impressed with the range of products they had on offer and the work that goes into making sure that what we get on the shelves is of the highest standard. Explained Titans Cricket Commercial Manager Pierre Joubert.

“Lipton is a brand that is very committed to sustainability and health and that is a point we connected on quite strongly, especially when it comes to a beverage that will hydrate and refresh our players .” Joubert continued.

Building on the philosophy that every person has a sunny side and that when we connect with each other our sunny side comes to life. This is the reason why the brand encourages sharing moments of sunshine through sharing a bottle of Lipton to share a mood of positivity, refreshing taste and the general goodness of sunshine. Lipton brand’s sunny outlook radiates optimism while it offers unfiltered and accessible everyday good vibes.

“The Titans are a top-level cricket union in South Africa, they are the epitome of success in cricket with over 21 cricket trophies under their belt. This partnership is a great platform to continue spreading the better for you sugar free messaging in a positive, fun, and radiant manner.” Pepsico.

Titans Cricket CEO, Dr Jacques Faul speaks on the value of the new partnership:

“We couldn’t be more proud of associating with an international brand like Lipton. It’s been a big objective for us to grow our footprint and brand and partnering with Lipton tells us that we are headed in the right direction.”
Partnering with a popular sporting venue like SuperSport Park and a prominent sports team like the Titans can provide huge value to Lipton Ice Tea.

Cricket fans, who frequent SuperSport Park and support the Titans, form a significant part of Lipton Ice Tea’s target market. By partnering with these entities allows Lipton Ice Tea to directly engage with a key audience and establish a connection with passionate sports enthusiasts.

Some of the shared values between Lipton Ice Tea and the Titans include a commitment to excellence, team spirit, and healthy lifestyles. By aligning these values, both partners can enhance their image and resonate with consumers who prioritize these values.