Titans Cricket and SuperSport Park have entered into a partnership with tertiary education institution Mancosa. This partnership will be built around the noble Million Books Project that Mancosa has embarked on through former principal and philanthropist, Professor Yusuf Karodia.

The Million Books Project is a pledge to donate a million books to promote the enjoyment of reading among children, especially in poor communities.

“Partnerships constitute an important pillar in sustainable development. The involvement of the Titans enhances this effort in a unique and innovative way. By getting cricket fans to donate books for distribution in schools and sports academies, community members from all walks of life participate actively in uplifting disadvantaged communities.” Explained Mancosa Principal Professor Magnate Ntombela.

SuperSport Park will be the collection point for books donated by the public and they will then be delivered to the various HUBS and Regional Performance Centres within the City of Tshwane.

“As a bookworm and avid reader myself I could not be more thrilled by this partnership with Mancosa.” Titans CEO Dr Jacques Faul said.

“Through my own experience I’ve seen just how valuable the information you get from books can be and for an organisation to want to share that with people who are less privileged, it speaks to the kind of heart of the people at Mancosa.” Faul continued.

Continuous professional development has long been a priority at SuperSport Park and the upskilling of their staff is key to the Titans’ administrative success.

The Titans track record off the field is as good as their record on it and this is ratified in their performance on the CSA Incentive Scorecard.

“Sports and education are two complementary activities in youth development. The participation of a developing youth in sports, particularly a team sport like cricket, is known to contribute to the developmental outcomes for quality education, where children learn about physical, social and cognitive skills.” Ntombela concluded.

Spectators that will be going to One Day Cup matches at SuperSport Park this December are urged to bring with them any old books that they are willing to donate. Collection boxes will be stationed at each gate at SuperSport Park and branded in Mancosa and SuperSport colours.