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Where business and sport come together.

As well as providing exceptional views, SuperSport Park boasts conference rooms with high-speed, wireless internet access for guests, multi-media and equipment facilities and air conditioning. Take advantage of catering options and planning assistance from our dedicated team.

Facilities Guide

Castle Corner(West) - - - - - - - - - - 40
Indoor Centre 200 100 350 200 300 100 250 60 60 80 80
Embankment Suite - - - 10 - - 10 - - - 20
Private Suite - - 20 - 10 - - - - 15 30
Comfort Area 30 - 50 - 30 - - - - 30 30
Head Groundsman office - - 30 - - - - - - - 30
Weber Braai (East) 50 - - - 80 - 80 - - 50 100
A.B. De Villiers Suite 20 15 30 30 40 - 10 - 20 30 30
President Suite 100 40 180 100 150 50 - - 30 50 -
Forum 20 40 50 40 150 50 - - 30 50 -
Castle Corner Terrace - - - - 50 50 - - - - -
WAG’s Suite - - 20 - 15 - - - - - -
Braai Area (West) - - - - - - - - - 40 40

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if one only requires the use of the venue for a few hours?

All venue hire offers a can be booked on a half day or full day basis, with parking available on-site.

Is audio and visual included in the venue fee?

Audio and Visual equipment are priced separately according to your requirements and included in the package for consideration.

Can you procure additional services on my behalf

As a valued client, you will be able to select equipment line items (such as branding, catering, décor, entertainment and photography) for which we recommend our preferred service providers. It is the prerogative of the client to negotiate terms of service with preferred service providers and the client shall be directly liable for any charges incurred by the preferred service providers in relation to an Event.  All rates quoted by SuperSport Park in relation to the Agreement exclude all preferred service providers charges.

What if i am hosting in an individual capacity and not as a company?

Documentation compliant with the client registration procedures of Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd. shall be observed. All rates, unless oth​erwise specified, are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and are quoted and charged per booking. Prices and items are subject to change without prior notice.

May I arrange my own service providers?

Stadium rules and regulations apply at all times. Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd. shall not be liable to client, its employees, agents, sub-contractors, invitees, licensees, players, performers, participants, exhibitors or competitors for any loss or damage in respect of any liability howsoever arising which may be suffered or incurred by the client, its employees, agents, sub-contractors, invitees, licensees, players, performers, participants, exhibitors or competitors, or in respect of any goods or equipment owned, operated or hired by the client, its employees, agents, sub-contractors, invitees or licensees, players, performers, participants, exhibitors or competitors resulting from:

  1. any strike or other industrial action by any person or group of persons including, but not limited to, any employees or contractors engaged by or employed by Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd., its contractors or the client; or
  2. any interruption or cessation in the supply of chilled water or electricity or any other type of power or energy to the Stadium or failure of any equipment owned or operated or hired by Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd. for the supply of chilled water or electricity or any other power or energy to the Stadium; or
  3. any decisions of Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd. under the termination clause, any force majeure occurrence including acts of God; war, civil commotion, blockade or insurrection; fire (including bush fire); flood or wash away; storm or tempest; smoke; bomb threats or other threats of violence or damage to person or property; earthquake; shortage of water; epidemic; explosion; serious breakage or accident to facility or equipment; an act or restraint of any governmental or semi-governmental or other public or statutory authority or any other cause not reasonably within the control of Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd., which may affect in whole or in part the hiring and/or the obligations and/or liabilities of either party to this Agreement.
How do I begin the process of securing a booking?

Once you contact a member of our team and your event is confirmed, you will be allocated a representative who will be your point of contact up until the day of your planned event. Your next step will introduce you to the venue, dimensions, layout, and pricing options for your booking.