Yorkshire trip just reward for NCU unsung heroes

Going to the United Kingdom for cricketing reasons has always been a dream for anyone involved in the game.

It is the ancestral home of cricket, and the traditions of the game are still firmly rooted in everyday life in England.

For players, the recent ICC Cricket World Cup in England and Wales was a special one. Many South African players also ply their trade in county or club cricket over the winter, as their love for the game takes them to new experiences.

Now, the Northerns Cricket Union (NCU) have taken the initiative, and sought to make that trip across the pond a reality for administrators too.

The Union has sent three members to the Yorkshire County Cricket Club, for a week-long exchange program.

“It is a very exciting new incentive for our unsung heroes, and this trip is one that we have been. Looking forward to immensely,” Charlotte Serwadi, the NCU Club Administrator explained.

Serwadi will head the trip, and will be joined by the Scorer of the Year, as well as the Umpire of the Year from NCU.

“It is such a great incentive for all our dedicated scorers and umpires to work towards. Their reward for the sacrifices they make is this amazing opportunity. We are going there to learn from a fantastic county with a proud history,” she added.

The main aim of the trip is to get as much information on structures and systems, and then take those lessons back home to raise the standard even more.

“It’s fantastic recognition for the critically important role-players in our club game,” Dr Jacques Faul, the CEO of the Titans agreed.

“Without scorers and umpires, we wouldn’t have cricket. This is a great way to show that their work doesn’t go unnoticed and unrewarded. I am sure the lessons learnt and memories made will last forever.”

The travelling party consists of:

Charlotte Serwadi – Northerns Cricket Union Club Administrator.

Millicent Skhosana- Northerns Cricket Union Scorer of the year 2017/2018.

Gerhard Taljaard – Northerns Cricket Union Umpire of the year 2017/2018.

They departed  on 31 July and will return on 8 August.