Saturday 6 April saw TUKS cricket crowned champions of the inaugural Club Super League.

The Club Super League is made up of ten club sides from North West Cricket, Easterns Cricket, Lions Cricket and Titans Cricket.

Irene Country Club played host to the final which was contested by sides from Titans Cricket with TUKS taking victory over Harlequins by 9 wickets.

Both teams had a perfect record in the round robin stage of the competition and topped their groups before the knockout phase.

In Group A, Harlequins were trailed by North West University Cricket Club in second place and Kempton Park Cricket Club finished runners up to TUKS in Group B.

In the cross pool semi-finals, Harlequins beat Kempton Park and Tuks were victorious overt North West in the other semi-final.

Titans Cricket CEO explained the significance of the TUKS and Harlequins success, “It’s a good marker for the strength of club cricket in Pretoria. The competition put the best of the best clubs against each other and we came out on top.”

“The purpose of the Club Super League was to elevate the standard of Club Cricket by having strong sides face each other and we’ve achieved that.”

It was a joint effort by North West, Lions, Easterns and Titans to put the competition together and the first edition was a great start for future editions. The various Cricket Service Managers and Club Cricket Facilitators were instrumental in the competitions success.

Congratulations are in order for TUKS Cricket who are the victors of the first edition of the Club Cricket Super League.

Special Mention to Harlequins who were exception in their run in to the final.

Final Group Standings

Group A

1HARLEQUINS CC44000201003.1393867/123.3652/168.0
2NWU CC4220010500.105864/200.0843/200.0
3DELFOS CC422009500.4314586/144.2609/167.5
4CBC CC41300525-0.7015717/162.0952/185.4
5WITS CC41300425-2.6019663/200.0641/108.2

Group B

1TUKS CC44000191003.7517590/88.5578/200.0
2KEMPTON PARK CC431001275-0.71461048/199.4977/163.5
3OLD EDWARDIANS CC41201733-0.0843626/200.0555/172.4
4POTCH DORP CC41300525-0.8964765/200.0757/160.2
5CBCOB CC4030120-0.9939684/200.0846/191.4