As one of the most successful South African sports franchises since unification, The Momentum Multiply Titans are well aware of their role in an ever changing society in South Africa and in sport.

As the world finds a new level of consciousness and tolerance, Titans players want to add their voice and unwavering support to the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as reiterating their unwavering intolerance of Gender Based Violence.

“We know only too well as a country how important the Black Lives Matter movement is. We bat vehemently against discrimination of any kind, and we will always strive to provide opportunities within our Titans family for all the colours and cultures within our rainbow nation,” Titans head coach, Mandla Mashimbyi said.

interim Titans CEO Pierre Joubert added “We have fully embraced transformation and its aims, and we will continue to strive for fully representational teams and work places across our franchise. We are proud of the ever evolving face of both our teams on the field, as well as all our employees in various administrative roles in the sport.”

Mashimbyi also reinforced the message that the Sky Blues family is strongly against Gender Based Violence, and would continue to do its utmost to provide sources of safety and security for women in South Africa, who continue to be so vulnerable to violence.

“We want to lend our voice to all those shouting for the scourge of violence against our mothers, sisters and daughters to stop. As citizens of this beautiful country, it is our collective responsibility to put a stop to the shocking actions of violence, often from people known to their victims. We need to be ruthless in our efforts to stop the vicious cycle and hit it for six,” Mashimbyi added.

As the sporting world has slowly come back into action, there have been consistent gestures of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, along with strong demonstrations against Gender Based
Violence across South Africa.

“The only way we can stand against evil is by showing and exercising acts of love to people no matter their race, religion or gender. We should see love as the foundation that helps us find solutions, helps us find refuge, helps and us find hope because love is the foundation of life”, said Mashimbyi.

“Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, Love never ends and that’s why we feel it’s important to lead with Love first. If we can begin to view things through the perspective of love before race, religion or gender we will move forward as a society”

“We know the power of sport, and that is why we can’t sit quietly while our fellow sporting codes take strong stances against these intolerable cruelties.”