The Momentum Multiply Titans have been itching to get back onto the park and chase trophies again, and they are edging ever closer to a return to the field of play.

With a pocket of new players in the mix, the Sky Blues have spent much of their pre-season getting to know each other better, as cricket readied itself for a safe return to action.

“Preseason has been good for us, and we’ve trained very well as a group,” assistant coach Geoff Toyana enthused.
“We got nine new players in our setup, so it was important for us to integrate those players into the Titans way, and we’ve progressed well in that sense.”

Toyana and head coach Mandla Mashimbyi have had to take their troops through a most unusual period of time, but the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has brought the team even closer together. Toyana credits Mashimbyi for keeping spirits up, during a winter that was tough for players and staff alike.

“Coach Mandla has been really good during this COVID period, in terms of keeping the team together. Last week we went on a team camp to set out our goals and how we are planning to go about things, and it went really well. As a squad, we’re pushing as one and the most important thing at the Titans is that we’re a team that’s known for winning trophies. This year is no different for us,” Toyana challenged.

In terms of bat and ball prep, the Titans have ramped up things in the past fortnight, with greater intensity around training, as well as inter squad matches. The season opener is just a week away, and Toyana explained that the team is in a very good space.

“We’ve done everything that’s needed to be done. We’ve ticked our boxes and just completed our second pre-season game, which was an inter squad game. Things have really gone well,” he added cheerfully.

“The batting has been outstanding and the guys have spent some good time at the wicket. The pitches have been good as well, and credit must go to the groundsmen, who have done some great work.”

As good as the team is feeling, what they really crave now is competitive action. They don’t have to wait much longer, with a trip to Cape Town and the Cobras launching their 2020/21 season.

“We have goals and aspirations to make sure we perform on the field, compete and look to win trophies. I’m very excited, with where the team is at the moment and the most important thing, as I said, is that integration of the new players. They have fitted it in very, very well,” Toyana said excitedly.

The time for talking is very nearly over and that is a massive sigh of relief for everyone involved in the game. As the sun starts to beat ever warmer, and the shadows grow longer, so too the sound of bat and ball will resume. The Titans, Toyana says, can hardly contain themselves anymore.

“We’re looking forward to it and yes, we can’t wait to throw that first punch!,” Toyana roared.