With every competitive edge crucial on the sports field, the Momentum Multiply Titans are proud to announce their partnership with XSV Laboratories, a leading nutritional and supplementation provider. 

The Titans and XSV share key core values, which enhances the alignment and suitability of the partnership. Both entities share a common passion for high performance sport, health and wellbeing of the athletes at play, and having a positive impact on spaces in need.

“A large number of the Titans players were already using and feeling the results of XSV products already,”  XSV revealed.

“The partnership has been a natural progression, and the positive results obviously had to be shared with the rest of the team!

The Titans welcomed the opportunity to perform at their peak, particularly in these unpredictable times for cricket.

“It’s great for the squad to link up with XSV. We are always searching for the extra percentages to give us an edge, and optimal performance can only come when you are in the best physical condition,” Titans coach Mandla Mashimbyi said.

Formed in 2015, XSV strives for optimal performance, and the roster of ambassadors already aligned with the brand speaks volumes about the capabilities. With a few Sky Blues stalwarts on board, the intrigue got to the rest of the squad.

“Chris Morris and Aiden Markram are firm believers in the products,” explained a member of the XSV team.

“They appreciate the impact that they have in minimising daily bodily stress and strain of professional sport, enhancing recovery and vitality, as well as maximising output during performance and training.”

XSV hopes to aid the rest of the Titans squad in their performance, recovery, injury prevention, and general vitality, which, in turn, will enhance the performance of the team as a whole.

Significantly, XSV aims to reach and have the same impact on thousands of local cricket players.

“The Titans and XSV have further aligned on, and implemented, a strategy to give back, support and aid the area clubs within the Northerns Cricket Union, as well as the Sky Blue Trust, by dedicating a percentage of every sale to these worthy causes,”.

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