At the start of the 2022/2023 domestic cricket season, the Titans vowed to make SuperSport Park a more inclusive and safe space for people from all different walks of life.

This was along with attaching a theme and sponsor to each match day were some of the main objectives of Titans cricket for the new season. After successfully hosting their first two themed One Day Cup games the Titans will now turn their attention to shining a light on the differently abled community

“Getting more differently abled people to attend these types of events is a must. The impact in my opinion can create more awareness for disability and the work we do at Differently Abled Cricket Club. The disabled community within South Africa is quite big and the potential for growing the game of cricket within the community is there. We hope to reach some of these potential players.” Said Christo Pelzer, Chairman of the Differently Abled Cricket Club.

“I think it’s important for us as Titans Cricket to use our platform to try make a positive impact and influence social change.” Explained Titans CEO Dr Jacques Faul. “In this case we’re breaking a stereotype and making people aware that cricket is a game for everyone and there are structures and teams for differently abled players.”

Disability is not always a visible occurrence and does not prevent people from living normal everyday lives.

“It was quite a surprise to be honest when I got the call from Jacques, but knowing Jacques he likes a challenge. The challenge of trying to get the disabled people to attend the match on 14 December.” Pelzer said when Faul approached him with the proposal.

“I knew it was something we could achieve because being involved with the disabled for some time now the most surprising thing for me is how close knit each of the disability groups are.”

Differently Abled Cricket Club is the only club in South Africa that plays in non-differently abled leagues with two teams playing in the Titans Cricket 4th league and 5th league.

“It’s essential that we offer our support to differently abled cricket, firstly because it grows the pool of differently abled cricketers and secondly to produce players that will go on to represent the national teams.” Faul continued.

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