Titans cricket is happy to announce the library services which will be available to the neighbouring community and patrons of SuperSport Park.

The service aims to open the stadium up to the community on non-cricketing days and invite them to spend their time in leisure at SuperSport Park.

Members of the public will be allowed to borrow books from the stadium’s expanding book collection and use selected venues around SuperSport Park to leaf through a book of their choice.

“This is international best practice and something we’ve picked up is done regularly in other parts of the world. We needed to find a way to make the stadium available to the public and invite them to make use of our indoor venues.” Explained Titans Cricket CEO Dr Jacques Faul.

Faul continued, “There were a number of ideas on the table and the library service made sense as far as the logistics are concerned with promise to have as many people in as possible.”

Community members will also be allowed to borrow books and return them 7 days later.

A launch event has been pencilled in for Friday, 3 November where the public will be welcomed, addressed by prominent figures in cricket and authors and particulars around the library service will be explained.

“The key focus group for our library service are the more senior members of society, although not exclusively for them we felt it was important for us to create a social environment for more elderly people.”

“The library service makes the stadium more inviting for people who wouldn’t usually visit us and there’s the important leisure factor which would be a nice descriptor for the stadium on non cricketing days.” Faul concluded.