Titans Cricket along with higher education institution MANCOSA held a ceremony in celebration of the inaugural graduates of the MANCOSA Women in Leadership program.

The six-month program, which was designed by MANCOSA, is aimed at equipping future leaders within Titans Cricket’s structures with skills necessary to advance the game at a club cricket and professional level.

Participants of the Women in Leadership program were nominated by their respective clubs for their potential to serve on the club committee and set them on the pathway to potentially be elected to the Titans Cricket board in future.

The three women that took part in the program are: Lindiwe Mathimbe from Tuks Cricket Club, Renschi Botha from Adelaar Cricket Club and Walri van Heerden from Irene Villagers. They all fill administrative roles at their respective clubs and the toolkit they acquired during the program would assist them in carrying out their duties.

Charlotte Serwadi had this to say at the conclusion of the program: “I’m very pleased with the outcome of the Women in Leadership Program. I’m confident that it will go a long way in ensuring that these ladies continue to add value to the game of cricket and have an influence in other parts of their lives.”

“It will also address the need of getting more skilled women involved in cricket administration and exposing people to the many possibilities of being involved in the game outside of the field of play.” Serwadi said in closing.

The culmination of the leadership program could not have come at a better time, in August, as the country celebrates Women’s Month. While the honours were bestowed during the month of August, the program began in March and spanned a six-month period.

“For the past 18-24 months we have been very intentional about being an inclusive union that is accepting and inviting of individuals from all walks of life. Second to that we have been building a culture of training and upskilling staff and representatives of Titans Cricket and the Women in Leadership Program meets both of those objectives,” said Titans Cricket CEO Dr Jacques Faul.

“All credit must go to MANCOSA and their team for putting together an exceptional curriculum for the participants and the presentation of the course material. The amount of knowledge shared with the ladies is highly valuable and would benefit them in their personal and professional lives alike,” Faul concluded.

“At the very beginning, during the planning process we did not understand just how impactful this program would be, the relationships formed and the potential growth of such a program were not a factor. But looking back it has met all its main objectives, surpassed many and in that process met other goals which, going forward, can be used for markers of growth for the program,” explained Mr Mubeen Seedat from MANCOSA.

Since its inception in August 2015, the Centre for Women in Leadership at MANCOSA has embarked on several research, advocacy, training, networking, and mentorship activities, and continues to be involved in charitable causes and skills development programmes. The Centre has reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for women to be given an opportunity to explore meaningful work and professional opportunities and aims to promote women leadership in Africa.