With the 2019/20 season fast approaching, it is time for a proud Mutiply Titans tradition to take centre stage this week.


The annual Titans Bash is upon us once more, and the excitement amongst players is again very evident.

The Titans Bash has become a crucial cog in the build-up to each campaign, and the mix of players from different levels of the game within the franchise provides a perfect platform for talent to emerge and thrive.

This year’s edition was again launched with a very entertaining player draft, with teams jostling for the ideal combinations ahead of the tournament.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, the action will begin in earnest on 17 September, culminating with Finals Day on 20 September.

As ever, SuperSport Park Centurion will be a family-friendly vibe, and supporters are urged to pop in and see the next wave of Sky Blues talent in action – as well as a fair sprinkling of familiar faces.

“It is an event that has gone from strength to strength over the years, and we are grateful for all the commercial partners that we have,” Tournament Director Pierre Joubert said ahead of the Bash.

“We are looking forward to another great week of cricket, and hopefully some new faces putting their hands up for higher honours.”


Day 1 | 17 September 2019
  • Pirates vs Vampires (10:00)
  • Quatro Cougars vs Debt Rescue Slayers (13:00

Day 2 | 18 September 2019

  • Pirates vs Quatttro Cougars (10:00)
  • Debt Rescue Slayers vs Pirates (13:00)

Day 3 | 19 September 2019

  • Vampires vs Quatro Cougars (10:00)
  • Pirates vs Debt Rescue Slayers. (13:00)

Day 4 | 20 September 2019

  • 3rd and 4th place play off (10:00)
  • Final (13:30)