SuperSport Park locks a piece of today for the future

It is always imperative to plan for the future. With that in mind, SuperSport Park Centurion and the Multiply Titans are already looking to the next generation, and leaving something of value for them.

A Time Capsule for SuperSport Park and Titans memorabilia has been created, and it will be opened in 2036 in celebration of the Stadium’s 50th anniversary.

“I think it is a terrific concept, and one that the class of 2036 will be very lucky to receive,” Commercial Manager and former Titans captain, Pierre Joubert enthused at the event to launch the initiative.

“The capsule literally captures where we are as a franchise and a venue now, and hopefully we have many more terrific memories to look back on by the time 2036 rolls around. As ever with the Titans, our ethos revolves around leaving this place and this jersey in a better place.”

The capsule has certain memorabilia, including a Titans Momentum One-Day Cup winning shirt, a signed bat sticker from the Tshwane Spartans franchise, iconic photographs of the stadium, as well as cricket annuals.

For current Stadium Manager Jabulani Kubeka, the capsule is a source of pride, and challenge to maintain standards.

“The stadium managers of the future will be able to see exactly how we did things, and how this fantastic venue once looked,” Kubeka explained.

“To know that we are preserving something that will only be unwrapped nearly 20 years from now is unique, and very special. We hope that they will like what they see, and that the stadium has grown and grown by then.”