SuperSport Park: Linking minds and bridging networks

In just over one month, Centurion’s cricketing fortress embarks on its third spell of the Stadium and Facilities Conference. Started in 2015, the setting brings together industry influencers on Monday, 29 April and Tuesday, 30 April 2019 to examine ways toward sustainable management of sporting infrastructure.

For this edition, the Conference will get to the root of matters ‘on the ground.’ In the past, this platform has been beneficial to sport executives and stadium managers, but this time around SuperSport Park hopes to reach broader facilities in terms of the sponsors, competitors, and suppliers who have an equal stake in ensuring the quality of equipment and services that are developed.

The opening day of the Conference will focus on innovative solutions, growing challenges of artificial resources management, fan engagement technology, and legal compliance. The first day of discussion will aim to draw in research academics, professional bodies and manufacturers.

Two trends on the rise in sport business are the threats to safety and security at events, and the dawn of renewable energy resources. The Conference is privileged to have both the Sports Law Centre and the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies joining the panels on which these matters will be thoroughly unpacked.

The second day will cover topical discussions related to school facility administrators, club co-ordinators, brand and sponsorship agencies during which the presentations will evaluate the funding models of facilities focusing on the commercial sponsorship landscape, as well as the blueprint for stadium design hand-in-hand with high performance management.

“A discussion on Community Facilities Management will be the penultimate session of the Conference. It is important for us to continue developing the pipelines across South African sporting codes,” said SuperSport Park Chief Executive, Dr Jacques Faul.

“There is also a need to work alongside the portfolios of local government and we look forward to engaging with representatives of the Municipal and Government departments on these particular issues to affirm our common role in this.”

The Stadium and Facilities Conference is for anyone who may be involved in the structural integrity of the sporting business, from finance, groundsmen to new business developers.

“SuperSport Park offers a platform for all to connect under one roof and share insights on the risks that we all face and how we will each play a part in mitigating this for sporting success both on and off of the field. There is an undisputable value in attending this Conference,” concluded Faul.

For further information, please contact Nyiko Minyuku on +27 (0)12 663 1005 or e-mail