Phangiso C.A.P in partnership with Titans Cricket launched a hubs elite program focused on fast tracking the development of talented young cricketers.

The program will see a group of 17 boys and girls from the age of 16 sharpening their skills during the winter period while also aiding in the players’ personal development.

Phangiso C.A.P, an NPO operated by Momentum Multiply Titans spinner Aaron Phangiso, will take on the responsibility of training the players, getting kit and securing sponsorships to ensure the successful running of the program.

Titans Cricket will provide access to the best facilities for match and training purposes for the program.

“I think this is was a brilliant initiative from Aaron (Phangiso).” said Titans Cricket Services Manager, Charlotte Serwadi. “We’ve been looking at a number of ways to increase the amount of cricket played at our HUBS and to maximise the winter when there’s not much happening as far as cricket is concerned.”

Player development is one of the main pillars at Titans Cricket and the HUBS elite program is another beneficial program on offer for players in the Titans pipeline.

Coaching will be provided by Aaron Phangiso, Chicco Ponela, Abraham Ndlovu and Patrick Nkuna who are all CSA qualified coach’s and passionate about passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

“We’ve been very fortunate with the calibre of coaches we got on board for the program. They all bring an expertise that will be invaluable for the players and I have no doubts will be impactful in their development.” Serwadi continued.

“I must credit Aaron for dedicating his time to pass on his skill and knowledge to these players. It’s not common for active players to be so involved in these types of initiatives and he’s made himself available for the 4 months.”

While development is the main objective of the Hubs elite program it will also seek to promote a competitive environment for the players. The program will begin with a few weeks of intense physical training and skills development before the players take part in full matches.