After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, one of the fondest Titans Cricket traditions is back.

The annual Titans Bash, last held in 2019, is coming up, and the excitement amongst players is very evident.

“It is one of the truly special traditions that we have, and one that brings the entire cricket community at the Titans together,” Tournament Director Pierre Joubert explained.

The Bash serves as a vital part of the seniors men’s preseason prep (each team comprises of a number of Titans players) and the Bash also involves club cricketers. To truly build the next batch of Titans stars, each team also has to sign two rookie players who must be in school in 2022.

The mix of players from different levels of the game within the franchise provides a perfect platform for talent to emerge and thrive.

“It presents youngsters with a chance to really experience being around established stars, and everyone gets a chance to shake off the cobwebs,” Joubert added.

But the cricket is competitive, and the drama at the end of the Bash hardens each player’s resolve for the beginning of the new season.

“We are extremely grateful to the companies that threw their weight behind the tournament, especially the new owners in Access Bank (Warriors) and Biotronik (Bravehearts). The other team is a very established Bash team in the Cougars owned by Quatro Integrated Services, also a previous winner.” Joubert enthused.

With venues now open to the public again, fans of the Sky Blues and cricket in general are urged to pull in.

As ever, SuperSport Park Centurion will be a family-friendly vibe, and supporters are urged to pop in and see the next wave of Sky Blues talent in action – as well as a fair sprinkling of familiar faces.