The Northerns Cricket Union (NCU) has a long and proud record of being one of the leading unions when it comes to player development.

To assist them to reach new levels of productivity and talent scouting, Northerns have partnered with Ludimos, the world’s first platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, Ludimos.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Ludimos to the NCU family, as their systems will help us to streamline our efforts to get the best out of our development structures,” NCU Cricket Services Manager, Charlotte Serwadi said.

“The goal for us is to always innovate and try to stay ahead of the game, and Ludimos have added a new dimension to how we can scout, manage and train our players.”

The Ludimos technologies, which include smart video analysis, drills and workouts as well as player and team management in one platform, will be used by players and coaches contracted by the NCU, and the system allows players to be tracked, and thus better monitor their progress and workload.

Madan Rajagopal, Founder and CEO of Ludimos is equally excited about joining the Northerns Cricket Union at the development crease.

“The Northerns Cricket Union is one of the most successful unions in SA Cricket. I am extremely proud to be partnering with an organisation like the NCU, that has taken the initiative to adopt innovative technologies to support its coaching and talent pools. With this partnership we aim to provide the right tools to develop and monitor their cricketers using data-driven and personalised coaching programs,” Rajagopal said.

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