The fastest growing sport in the world, padel, has found a new home at SuperSport Park, thanks to LivPadel who are launching new courts at the stadium in Centurion.

LivPadel was established in 2022 with the inauguration of two state-of-the-art courts in the picturesque locale of Knysna, and it has swiftly emerged as an example of community involvement and a pillar of unwavering club culture.

Liam Sofianos, founding partner and director at LivPadel explains their objective and company outlook, “our mission is to foster vibrant atmospheres within our clubs, where friends and families gather to socialize, creating memorable experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of our courts.”

LivPadel have chosen SuperSport Park as their new location because of its positioning geographically and the safety element that comes with being located within a sporting stadium.

“SuperSport Park holds a distinguished status as an iconic sports facility that has been graced by numerous world-renowned athletes. Its’ picturesque setting, renders it an ideal and captivating location for our club.” Explains Sofianos when asked about why they chose SuperSport Park as the venue for their new club.

“We’re always excited by new business opportunities and it was clear to us early on when Liam and the team approached us, that we wanted to partner with them.” Explained Dr Jacques Faul, SuperSport Park CEO.

“Padel has grown in popularity over a short period of time, and we are very excited to get involved. It also opens the stadium up to the public and your ‘non-traditional’ stadium visitors which is great for us.” Faul continued.

The construction of padel courts at SuperSport Park adds to the offering at the venue and aligns with the strategy to make the stadium a more iconic venue.

The positioning of the courts is also ideal to visitors looking to take part in a game of padel, they are located to the immediate left of the main gate when you enter the stadium and provide ample parking space.

Along with two padel courts, LivPadel are building a pro shop where all padel essentials, including equipment such as balls, racquets, rentals and attire can be purchased. Added to that, is a social space and on-site bar, where you can enjoy refreshments and connect with family and friends.

“At LivPadel we are committed to creating spaces that bring people together, foster lifelong bonds, and offering a welcoming embrace to all who share our enthusiasm for this exciting sport in which encompasses our slogan of “Everyone’s Game”. Sofianos said in closing.

SuperSport Park is excited at this new venture with LivPadel is enthused by the people it will open its doors to, Everyone is invited to become a part of the vibrant Padel community.