Diego Rosier’s early cricket memories involve long chats and simulations with his father and his brother, where they would mimic the bets players in the game. Often, the debates on who was the best would have to end in a fighting draw, when stumps were called for dinner,

In hindsight, those early jousts taught Rosier to stand his ground – respectfully – from an early age. And he had to do it quickly, because those backyard talents soon manifested into youth promise in the Northern Cape.

“Growing up with an elder brother, my dad got us involved in sports early. Playing cricket was always one of them, as my father had been a cricketer himself. By the age of four or five, I was already getting involved in the cricket structures like Bakers mini cricket,” he recalls.

Having made a fast start in cricket development, it was little surprise to see him make his first-class debut at the age of just 16. Rosier was a kid in a hurry to the big time, and that early acceleration forced him to do his growing up at the crease even quicker.

He soon caught the eye of scouts around the country, with an SA Under-19 turn, and then a move to Bloemfontein. More runs and responsibility followed, before his move to his home for the past two seasons, Northerns.

​”My time at Northerns has been special. My best memory would be the team and how we went about our business, competing in two finals and sharing the three-day competition. Even this past season, we were competing in both formats again before the pandemic,” he points out.

“The players that have grown and developed have been hugely encouraging, because it lifts you when you witness that around you. Obviously, you are striving to do the same, and having that ambition around you constantly can only make you better.”

Now, that regular supply of ambition has propelled Rosier to a franchise contract with the Titans, and he couldn’t be happier. Suddenly, he is in the same team sheds as the players that he used to argue about with his father and brother.

​”Becoming a Titans player officially is just unreal! To know that I can associate myself with a brand that carries so many icons of the game and current national players – knowing that I am one – shows that I am doing something right and heading in the right direction.”

There is plenty of healthy competition around the Sky Blues, but Rosier has already had a few nibbles at the big time, with several appearances for the Titans. ​That gives him a lot of familiarity around the place, but he is also excited about the additions from afar.

“I’ve already played with the majority of the Titans, which helps. I am looking forward to playing with newcomer Lizaad Williams, who I grew up playing against in age groups, and then with him in our SA Under-19 days. It will be nice to join forces again,” he smiled.

There is much to look forward to for the kid who has already traversed much of the country, from the Northern Cape right through to Northerns, chasing his cricket dreams. Now that he is a franchise player, he will have to shift the goal posts once more.

“It’s up to me to capitalise on my surroundings and allow myself to evolve and become one myself,” he said, challenging himself.