SuperSport Park will once again host the Stadium & Facilities Conference from Tuesday, 27 June 2023 to Thursday 29 June 2023 in proud partnership with John Deere Financial services.

The Conference is a coming together of various role players within the stadium, infrastructure, equipment and maintenance sectors to share in knowledge, skills and research for the advancement and improvement of the collective industry.

Over the years, the Conference has evolved in format, size and theme based on the different needs of the industry at that particular time; along with the method in which it goes about responding to those needs.

In its’ inception in in 2015, the then Minister of Sports and Recreation South Africa opened the conference which was purposed to influence policy makers through multi-disciplinary research presented by academia.

The following edition of the Stadium and Facilities Conference took place in 2018 and was aimed at sharing insights of administration and management of cricket and rugby sports facilities. The 2019 edition focused on how the world of technology can be used for the progressive development of stadia and facilities.

In 2022 the conference took on the form of an Academy running from 29 March to 31 May with weekly courses and attendees being awarded certificates upon participation throughout academy. 2022 was particularly significant because sessions were held at SuperSport Park as well as Loftus Versveld Stadium and FNB Stadium wherein guests were offered an opportunity to explore those facilities as well.

“It is excellent the work that has been done by SuperSport Park over the years in getting key members of sports, facilities and equipment together to enlighten and expand the environment,” said Africa Managing Director of John Deere Financial, Antois van der Westhuizen.

“The decision was not something to ponder on for us and saying yes came quickly. We chose to get involved because outdoor facilities and maintenance is our core business, and the added element of training and continuous professional development is always enticing,” van der Westhuizen continued.

SuperSport Park CEO Dr. Jacques Faul shared his thoughts ahead of the conference. “The Conference has gone from strength to strength over the years and it has been important for us to always offer value in the different topics that we discuss.”

“Putting together these conferences hasn’t always been the easiest task but I think that we responded well last year with the masterclass type of conference which exposed our guests to diverse facilities. It makes it exciting this year that we can have more people in the room again and the goal is always to take it a step further,” said Dr. Faul in conclusion.

Attendance to the John Deere Financial Stadium & Facilities Conference will be on an invite-only basis but should you wish to attend please contact Nyiko Minyuku: