Staff and players at Titans Cricket are set to receive Intellectual Property (IP) training courses from Natasha Mohunlal during July and August 2024.

Natasha Mohunlal, Managing Director at NMA Intellectual Property Attorneys, is a distinguished expert in IP with nearly two decades of comprehensive experience. Her proficiency encompasses trademark searches and clearance, prosecution, and registration on both local and international scales.

She also excels in trademark audits, IP portfolio management, and the drafting of IP-related agreements and policies. Moreover, Mohunlal possesses extensive expertise in addressing trademark and copyright infringement, passing off, and unlawful competition, making her a formidable authority in the field.

The training courses offered to Titans cricket will include the topics trademarks, copyright, registered designs and patents, offering the staff extensive insights into IP.

A session for the mens and womens professional teams have also been booked, which will incorporate all aspects and forms of intellectual property; a valuable topic for the players whose image and brand rights contribute to their livelihood.

“We continue to provide training to our staff and players for their professional development and these topics presented by Ms. Mohunlal are very relevant to the industry of sport and entertainment which we operate in.” commented Titans Cricket CEO Dr Jacques Faul.

“For more than a year now we’ve committed to upskilling our staff and ensuring that we’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to best serve this Union and the game of cricket. I want to thank Natasha and her team for sharing their expertise with us, it will certainly put us in a better position.”

Mohunlal, a recipient of the IPR Gorilla Women in IP winner in 2022, Top IP Leader in 2023, and DigitalConfex Top 25 Exceptional Women in Trademarks in 2024 shared her thoughts.

“We believe these sessions will provide substantial benefits to the staff and players of Titans Cricket and cover essential topics, equipping both staff and players with crucial knowledge and skills.

“There are significant benefits to the training the Titans will receive. These include legal and compliance training to help staff and the organisation avoid legal pitfalls and costly lawsuits, as well as management of their IP Portfolio. Additionally, knowledgeable staff will gain a competitive edge in the sports and entertainment industry by leveraging proper IP management.” explained Mohunlal.

For the players at Titans Cricket; they would better understand the protection of their brand and image rights with the provision of tools to navigate contracts and endorsement deals, ensuring they are not exploited without proper compensation.

The IP training provided by Natasha Mohunlal will significantly enhance the understanding of intellectual property among Titans Cricket’s staff and players. This will empower them to protect their IP assets, manage contracts effectively, handle infringements, and contribute to both the organization’s success and their professional growth.

Additionally, trademark protection extends beyond brand and image rights, offering players merchandising opportunities, enhanced sponsorships, digital monetization, long-term financial security, support for community initiatives, and career diversification. This comprehensive approach underscores Titans Cricket’s commitment to upskilling their team and navigating the complex landscape of IP in sports and entertainment.