Titans Cricket have extended their partnership with Hirsch’s Homestore, continuing an alliance that goes back over a decade.

The biggest home appliance and electronic dealer in South Africa has a longstanding reputation for quality and consistency, and the Titans are thrilled to be associated with such a proudly South African brand.

“Hirsch’s are known throughout this country for their consistency, and we are thrilled to continue this excellent relationship with them,” Dr Jacques Faul, the Titans CEO explained.

“It is an honour for us to still be associated with them, and we hope to keep this partnership going for a long time,” Faul added.

From Hirsch’s perspective, being aligned to South Africa’s most successful cricket team has also been hugely beneficial.

“It has been a pleasure to have a partnership with the Titans. They are an organisation which is forward-thinking. That is in their planning and in considering not only their players and spectators, but also their sponsors at all times,” founder Allan Hirsch enthused.

“The Titans always consider other people and I believe when you are in business, trading on the sales floor or in the sporting environment, if you give customer service, knowledge and enjoyment, it is a pleasure to work with a brand like this.”

Hirsch’s has been a loyal supporter of Titans cricket over the years, and the founder added that they had always felt part of every evolution of the franchise.

“They ensure we always feel like we are part of the team and when teams feel included, they are inclined to perform better. I feel longevity has come from everything they have given, and not necessarily what we give,” he added.

Faul echoed Hirsch’s sentiments, explaining that sponsors like these make success on the field possible.

“We say it often, but we really consider ourselves very fortunate to work with such wonderful brands and, more importantly, people. I consider Allan and his team as members of the Titans family,” Faul concluded.