This is a correction of an earlier release, which erroneously stated that the Momentum Multiply Titans will now be known as Northerns. This is not the case, as they will continue as the Titans.

The end of the 2020/21 cricket season will bring with it the final chapter for the Momentum Multiply Titans as a combined force with the Easterns Cricket Union.

As the South African cricket system undergoes a structural change, the Sky Blues will still be known as the Momentum Multiply Titans, but they will pool their players exclusively from  the Northerns Cricket Union stronghold.

“It is truly the end of an era,” Titans CEO Dr Jacques Faul said in reflection.

“Our relationship with Easterns has been one of the cornerstones for the many years of Titans’ success.”

In the franchise era, the Titans helped themselves to a scarcely believable 18 titles, and establishing a culture of cricketing excellence to aspire to. There were periods of time, within that era, that it became apparent that Titans were on another level altogether.

The high number of national players within the Titans set-up was also evidence of the prolonged period of success for the franchise.

“None of that sustained success would have been possible without Easterns cricket,” Faul continued.

“There have been so many committed and talented cricketers who honed their skills for Easterns, and then contributed fully to the legacy of being a Titan,” Faul added.

“It was a great source of comfort knowing that we had a wonderful ground in Benoni as an alternative venue for our matches. One just cannot say thank you enough for the relationships built up over the years,” Faul said.

With the revamped Titans joined by seven other teams in the top division, Easterns will ply their trade with six other Provincial teams in the second division.

A promotion/relegation system will make for an increased level of competition throughout the season, and Faul expects Easterns to hit the ground running.

“Richard das Neves has done fantastic work over the years, producing some fine players. Our current Titans captain, Grant Thomson, is an Easterns product of distinction,” Faul pointed out.

“So, what we do know is that they will be banging down the door for promotion. It would be wonderful to see Easterns one day playing in the top division, challenging  for silverware. We wish them the very best of luck for the coming season.”

As preparations begin in earnest for a new chapter, Faul was sure that people would always remember the Titans franchise era.

“It has been an incredible journey. To see so many fine cricketers wear those colours with distinction, move their lives to be a part of the Titans story, has been humbling. There is a great legacy there, and perhaps one that will only be truly appreciated in years to come.”