January 31, 2024

As the final innings draws near for Maria Laka and Jutas Mudau, Titans Cricket bids farewell to the two unsung heroes who have been the backbone of the organisation, ensuring that every matchday experience at SuperSport Park was impeccable.

With 32 and 38 years of dedicated service respectively, Maria and Jutas, the pillars of the housekeeping staff, are stepping into a well-deserved retirement.

Maria Laka, with a twinkle in her eye, reminisced about her three decades of service with Titans Cricket. “I’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most famous people in the cricketing world right here at SuperSport Park,” Maria shared.

“It’s been a remarkable journey, and I feel honoured to have been part of this cricketing community for 32 years.”
Reflecting on the players whose careers she watched unfold right in front of her eyes, Maria mentioned with pride, “Fanie de Villiers, Anton Ferreira, Rudi Bryson, I could go on and on about the countless players whose growth I witnessed, each stepping onto the field with dreams and leaving with legacies.”

Maria went on to express her attachment to a particular spot in the stadium, saying, “The VIP, also known as the President Suite, holds a special place in my heart. The memories created in that space, I will miss it dearly.”
Jutas Mudau, chuckling with a sense of humour, shared his perspective on the retirement. “I’ll miss the food during the events,” he said jokingly.

“The family I formed has been a highlight for me, and I’ll certainly miss each and every individual.”
On a more serious note, Jutas continued, “My time at the stadium has been more than just cleaning, driving and organizing. I’ve made good connections with people in the company and been exposed to the cricket community that I have fallen in love with since I started working here.”

Titans Cricket CEO, Jacques Faul, expresses his gratitude, saying, “Maria and Jutas have been the backbone of our housekeeping team for decades. Their dedication and hard work have contributed significantly to the value and output of Titans Cricket. As they embark on this new chapter in their lives, we thank them for their unwavering commitment and wish them a retirement filled with joy and relaxation.”

Titans Cricket Commercial Manager, Pierre Joubert, who was a player when Maria and Jutas began their journey at Titans Cricket and has since retired from cricket, reflects on their departure, “It’s heartening to see the growth and evolution, not just in the players on the field, but also in the dedicated staff behind the scenes.
Maria and Jutas’s journey are a testament to the enduring spirit of Titans Cricket, and I congratulate them on a remarkable career. “

As Maria Laka and Jutas Mudau retire from Titans Cricket, their departure leaves a void that goes beyond the visible. Their dedication and hard work behind the scenes have contributed significantly to the success and smooth functioning of SuperSport Park. The Titans Cricket team and its fans extend heartfelt gratitude to these unsung heroes, acknowledging that their legacy will live on.